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Water Outage

Wellborn Special Utility District is making an emergency water main repair at Quail Run We anticipate the water to be off approximately 2 hours. 


Areas affected are: Quail Run and Bluebonnet Dr. 


Updates to follow. 

8/3/2022 - Stage 3 Water Restrictions

Effective immediately, Wellborn SUD is implementing Stage 3 water restrictions. Please modifiy irrigation timers to comply with the new watering schedule. Click here for details. 

Wellborn SUD - Water System Update

Thank you for your continued cooperation! Many customers are complying with the district’s watering schedule, and so far we have been able to meet everyone’s needs.  Please continue to follow the schedule for your address and encourage your neighbors to do the same.

Wellborn SUD - Water System Update

Water System Update: 

Peak demand was significantly reduced Tuesday, but was higher today. If this continues, there is a danger we will not have enough water to fight fires. Please help us convince your neighbors to follow the watering schedule for the safety of our community.